An Abstract Space is more than just a condo or townhome. It’s a culmination of an entire design process.

A collaborative effort that focuses on creating innovative, livable spaces that enhance our community, every Abstract Space is thoughtfully-designed from the ground up, with emphasis on function, ambience and lifestyle. We are passionate about envisioning and building developments that people love to live in.


Every Abstract Space is built on years of experience and innovation. Our design process begins when the development is just an idea. From this point on, our team fosters every idea, applying knowledge, skills and innovation at every stage along the way. We understand that each space has its own unique set of opportunities – and challenges. Our team examines these possibilities from all directions, resulting in a design process that is comprehensive and unique every time. Our exacting detail and commitment to creating the most iconic, sought-after spaces have helped make us the most award-winning developer in Victoria.


A home is not just a square box. It’s a part of the neighbourhood, a piece of the environment that should capture its surroundings and infuse them into its design and function. Abstract focuses heavily on this principal, bringing the natural settings surrounding our spaces into both the interior and exterior of our homes. Abstract spaces work with natural light, carrying the energy of the outdoors into the development through spacious rooms with advanced window designs that allow us to create organic ambience inside. From bright foyers to wide halls and high ceilings (we even design our parkades to be bright and inviting), every Abstract Space creates a warm, comfortable environment that feels just right. 


An Abstract Space is your space. We build every home with function and lifestyle at the centre of our design. We want our residents to feel at home, to get a feeling of calmness and contentment before they even open the door to come inside. We avoid rigid design, instead focusing on personalization as we build. We collaborate with residents and the community to ensure that every Abstract Space  is unique and perfectly suited to where it stands. We work tirelessly on livability – and we love every minute of it. 

You’ll feel the difference in an Abstract Space.

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